Thursday, February 14, 2013

Garmisch Or Skiing Lessons

Spending a long weekend in Bavaria, daughter and son stood on skis/on a snowboard for the very first time. While husband and I took long, long walks in the snow, enjoyed second breakfasts and delicious lunches ski instructors sent the kids down the hill over and over again.

"I won the skiing contest!", daughter tells us proudly when we pick her up, late in the afternoon. "I was the fastest and I skied almost all the way to the parking lot!"
Rather surprised husband and I decide to pick them up early on the last day and watch them for the last hour of ski/snowboard lessons.
"Do you know how to brake?", I ask daughter while walking to the car. "No," she answers. "The instructor showed us but it never works for me." 
"Is that why you are always the fastest down the hill?", I investigate.
"Of course", she answers.

A coffee break at "Pano" is an absolute necessity. A really charming place, they also offer snacks and coffee in huge mugs.

I really wanted to stay longer...

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Belgium North Sea

According to a lot of internet research I did before our trip, DeHaan is the most beautiful coastal town in Belgium. There are still a lot of old historic buildings and only a few modern hotels. Downtown has a few supermarkets, bakeries and other little shops that were even open on Sundays and holidays. During the holiday season they also have a tiny Christmas market and an ice-skating ring.

The North Sea in December was wild and stormy and crazy in a wonderful way. On Christmas Eve we even saw a seal resting on a sandbank. Of course, that was the one and only time I had left my camera at the house.
Around DeHaan are miles and miles of hiking trails one can take to explore the coast which is something I would like to do during another visit. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas In Bruges

When husband told us that because of work, he wouldn't be able to spend Christmas with us, I knew one thing for sure: there was no way I would celebrate Christmas at home without him. Way too depressing.
And that is why the kids and I, along with Fairy Godmother, rented a little cottage in DeHaan, right on the Belgium coast, nearby Bruges.

I had been to Bruges for the first time in spring, when husband took us there for my birthday and I fell  in love with it.

Small cobblestone streets, beautiful houses, tiny shops and little unexpected surprises lurk around every corner.

The canals, the history of Brugge...I love walking around there, taking this place in...

...and then, of course, there is the Belgium specialty of waffles, stacked high with home make ice-cream, bananas, whip cream and/or chocolate sprinkles...

...chocolate shop, next to chocolate shop...

...and last but not least, our Christmas Eve lunch of Belgium frittes with Samurai sauce, ketchup/mayonnaise/fresh onion sauce and Bicky sauce.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


Awfully late but important are pics of daughter's first harvest.
She planted, assisted by our sweet older neighbor, a tiny little garden. We were the happy recipients of a few flowers, some herbs and the tiniest radishes I have ever seen.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Alton, Illinois - Zip Lining

The rest of our vacation was filled with days walking the dogs (daughter), feeding a swan (daughter), driving the golf cart around like a mad man (son) and eating every single kind of Haagen- Dazs ice cream available in the Midwest (me). 
Two days, we especially enjoyed were filled with a visit to Alton where we had a very delicious lunch at "My Just Desserts" and admired the apartment of my cousin and her boy-friend who are lucky enough to live there. 
I wouldn't mind living in an old brick house right next to the Mississippi!

 Another day that made an impression on me was the day son, cousin and her boy-friend went zip lining in the pouring rain. To this day I don't know how they climbed this gigantic wall without slipping...