Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My new favourite cocktail!!!

Since dear husband is school...studying for 2 weeks straight, I've been inviting all my friends over, asking them to keep the kids and me company. So they came, almost all of them! Some of them have stayed over night, even brought their kids and we've been having slumber parties. During one of those "parties" a friend and I decided to try out a new cocktail: "Banana Baileys Split". It seems to be more of something you would drink around Christmas time but boy, it is soooo good that I will have it all year long. So, just in case someone would like to invite ME over, here is the recipe:

Banana Baileys Split

1/2 medium-size ripe banana (I love bananas so I used slightly more)
2 oz Baileys Irish Cream (Caramel)
1/2 oz dark rum
1 scoop vanilla ice cream (love that too, so used more of that also)
dusting of nutmeg
1 ice cube
dusting of chocolate powder

blend everything except the with chocolate...drink!