Friday, July 31, 2009

City Kids II

Same farm, same rabbits but different day, different friend and different topic: potato harvesting.

Daughter is not a big potato friend but she did eat 3 when the farmer cooked them right after they were harvested.
Altogether she dug out 9 pounds of potatos and that is what we will eat all of next week...

Camping Trip

For the end of the school year son went camping with his school. The whole school. 540 kids. All the teachers. A few parents. 8 huge busses. Tents, sleeping bags and yu-gi-oh cards.
They were supposed to get back at 7pm the second day. By 2pm I get a phone call: "It rained all night! We are all wet! The sleeping bags got wet! Tents collapsed! We' ll be home in the afternoon!"
That night, when I went in his room to say good-night, I saw him laying in bed surrounded by pillows.
"This is like sleeping on a cloud" he said.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

City Kids

For daughter there is nothing greater than being on a farm, hanging around the farmer and petting the animals. She wants us to move to a farm. And no matter how often I tell her that in a city there are museums, theaters and the zoo right around the corner she insists that living on a farm would be so much better.
So for the first day of her summer vacation I took her and a friend to a farm where I had signed them up for a bread baking class.

During the class they harvested grain, ground it, made bread dough out of it and baked it.
I am sure these are the freshest rolls they will ever eat.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Since husband is gone and son doesn't have anybody to roughhouse with he had a trampolin tournament by himself. I was waiting for him to bang his head on the ceiling.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I know I am perfectly capable of taking care of the kids and running the household all by myself. I have done it over and over again and so far, no harm done.
But every single time when husband's work makes him leave for a few days or weeks or months I get the moment. The moment where I am convinced that I can't do it. And I miss him horribly.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


My children are convinced that they, along with the other kids here, are the only ones still going to school. Every. Other. Student. In. The. Whole. World. Is. Off.
Except them.
But even their school year is coming to an end. No more exams, only a little homework. Son turned in all of his school books today. We purchased gifts for the ballett teacher, the flute teacher, the crafts teacher and all the other ones. 4 more school days.

Summer, here we come!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Husband and Daughter

I often request to work on weekends. It is easier to find someone to watch the kids during Saturdays and Sundays and if everything works out really well husband is home and off and I can go fly around Europe with a light heart and no worries.
Today while son was attending a birthday party and I was serving coffee and tea, husband and daughter went on an excursion like they very often do.

"What did you guys do?" I asked when I got in the door. "We rode in an old, old tram," daughter answered. "We rode up the hill and down the hill and then we went up again and back down again." She handed me her camera and said "this is what Papa and I did today."

Pictures taken by daughter and husband.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


A while back husband had to go to New Orleans, which is one city I always have wanted to go to. "Please take a lot of pictures," I asked him. "I want to see what New Orleans is all about. And find Angelina Jolie's and Brad Pitt's house for me."

the oldest cathedral in America, St. Louis Cathedral:

vodoo store:

and the Jolie/Pitt house:

no name at the door just this sign...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Romans

We had planned on canoeing again this Sunday. We got up early, packed our backpacks and drove quite a while to pick up our reserved canoe when it started raining. It rained cats and dogs and having driven so far already, we decided to alter our plans.

There is a Roman museum close by and I have wanted to visit it for ages, so we did...

it was very educational, the employees of the museum very, very much into their subject (see picture on top) and husband only mentioned something about "suffering through it" and "you owe me" once or twice.
On the drive home we passed ruins of castles and forts which are much more to his liking.

He even found a cave and convinced the kids to explore it.


And of course daughter had to climb up there, too. Petrified.
And that was before son decided to scare her and scream: "Spiders! Gigantic spiders!!!"

Friday, July 10, 2009

More work

Work did get easier. But I do tend to overlook any difficulty as long as there is a great destination at the end. And Nice, France definitely falls into the dream overnight category.
The weather is always perfect. The light is indescribable. The fruit and vegetables at the markets are plump and colorful. And then there is the food. And the ocean!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Work and Other Things

Honestly, work as a flight attendant is fun. 99.9 % of fun. But once in a while you get a tour that will make you crawl home on all fours when it is finally over.

Say, you recieve your work schedule and you look at this particular tour. You are not too happy with the overnights, they are not in a city you - or anybody else - really wants to go to, but, oh well, you' ll manage. Then you realize that you will be gone for four days, over the 4. July weekend and husband is gone at the same time. On another continent.

Now, you start panicking a bit. You call your mother and beg her to stay with the kids. Then you start writing long, long lists for every day you will be gone. You tape them on the kitchen door. You will write little notes like "don't forget your key" or "did you do your homework yet?" and distribute them through out the house. You hope that nobody will come by for a visit. 

You will look at the weather forecast and pick clothes for daughter to wear to school. You make little piles in her room with clothes for four days. You will put little notes on top of each pile that look like this: THURSDAY, don't forget to put on sunscreen lotion! 
You make sure there is underwear and socks in every pile because while your daughter is totally capable of dressing herself, she will lose that ability on the days you are gone. 

Having a closer look at your flights you notice that for 4 days you will have to get up very, very early. 4 am early. 
This tour is starting to annoy you. 

At the airport you run into one of your favorite colleagues who tells you happily that you will go on this trip together. You are wondering if maybe the next 4 days won't be so bad after all. When you meet the third crew member your hopes are squished again. 

There are up to 4 flights a day and of course, on that tour, those are exhausting flights. The heat and the summer vacationers with too much luggage are getting to you. The planes are full, every seat is taken and while on the ground, the air is humid and stuffy. You hope your make-up is not running down your face.

And then the ground crew hands you over a boy, travelling alone. He is coming from a long distance flight and his face is pale with fatigue. He reminds you of your son, both are about the same age. You ask him for his name, bring him a pillow and tell him to push the call button above his head if he needs anything else. He is painfully shy and so overtired that by the time you check on him again he is deep asleep. After landing, when handing him over to the ground personel, you touch his skinny shoulders and wish him a good summer vacation with his grandparents. 

On another flight there is lovely older lady with a walking stick. She was brought onto the plane by paramedics and clearly has trouble walking. At one point during the service your colleague, the nice one, notices that the lady is trying to get out of her seat, without success. She rushes to her and then motions you to come there, too. You each hold her under an arm and lift her up. When she is finally standing you see that tears are running down her face. She is embarrassed about needing help. 
Now, normally you or your colleague would crack a little joke to make light of the situation but you can't seem to do that on this flight. To your horror you realize that you are starting to cry right along with the passenger and so is the other flight attendant. Your make-up is now definitely running down your face.

You hold little babies while their mothers use the restroom. You warm up baby food. You manage to find an English newspaper. And then a German one. And a Bulgarian. And every single flight is full.

Later in the hotel you sit on the bed and call home. You listen to detailed stories about missing socks and soccer games and annoying teachers and you don't even care that that phone call will cost you a small furtune. 
On the fourth day, during the fourth and last flight you start getting all giggly because you are so exhited about coming home. You look at your colleague and she also, has a big grin on her face. 

At home you are greeted with lots of hugs. You make sure you hug the skinny shoulders of son twice, no, three times while daughter tells you that she did everything, absolutely everything you asked her to do on the lists. 

You look at your work schedule to see where you will be going next. It looks good!
It looks like one of those 99.9 % fun times. 
At least you hope so.