Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Long Hike along the Donau

Two days ago I went for a long walk/climb along the Donau with my most adventurous friend. We took our kids and actually made them walk 12 miles. At one point we got lost and had to make our own path up a steep mountain, through the forest (the kids thought that was the best part of the whole day!). A visit to Monastery Beuron was our half way point.  It was a beautiful day, the landscape was breathtaking and I would like to go again...
In the picture you can see the Donau, with a giant sized wooden table and two chairs in it. The Donau is a large river, but those huge pieces of furniture make it look tiny like a puddle. Does anybody know the story behind the table? I couldn't find anything on the internet. 

Paris in May

moi, shopping...

picnic break

Eiffel tower ... always impressive!

Daughter had never seen the Eiffel tower before so we flew to Paris. She was duly impressed by the city and its "boulangeries" but said it would be even nicer if there were some farms where one could pet animals...bien entendu!
Paris in May is already packed with tourists which made it hard to find some spots where you could sit down and have a picnic or just relax but we did have some magical "Paris moments". I can not even imagine being there in June or July during main tourist season.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Daughter's Birthday

Daughter always lucks out on her birthday! It was a beautiful, sunny Sunday, she got great gifts AND we took her to a farm where she could pet the animals and feed the chickens. Late at night when I brought her to bed and tucked her in she asked me to sing "Happy Birthday" to her again. And then she told me she wasn't done celebrating yet and if it was possible to continue the next day. Of course it is!