Sunday, January 31, 2010


We woke up to fresh snow on the ground, again. There has been more snow this winter than in the last 10 years combined, I am sure.
When we came back from our vacation in Florida, my little red Mini had turned into a huge white pile of snow. I didn't even bother digging it out since it wouldn't have made it very far anyway. For one week, I walked everywhere.
Which brings me to a book I've read over Christmas: "Not Buying It. My Year Without Shopping" by Judith Levine. Levine went without buying anything that wasn't absolutely necessary for one whole year. No books (she went to the library instead), no movies, no travel, definitely no clothes, no restaurant visits, no chocolate, no red get the idea. She cheated only twice by buying something in a second hand store and she did purchase quite a few magazine subscribtions the day before her "no shopping year" started.
Instead of coming up with new year resolutions I wondered, could I refrain from shopping for a year?
6 months?
Eh, no.
1 month?
Everybody can go without shopping for one month, right? Even me.?
Now I was wondering which month I should take. It should be a winter month (I am more likely to stay indoors, meaning less temptation). And it should be the shortest month possible which would leave February.
So, after ordering a few books just before midnight last night, I decided that I will not buy anything that is not absolutely necessary for survival. If Levine can do it for a year, I can do it for a lousy, short little month.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Christmas Gift

I am sure other wives have the same problem: finding the perfect Christmas gift for your husband. The first few Christmasses you are still full of brilliant ideas but after spending 5 or 10 or 15 years together you are starting to run out.

4 weeks before Christmas I was getting pretty desperate. I had some ideas for gifts. They would have been nice gifts, the ones you unpack and like but nothing really earth shattering. And I really wanted to get husband something special!

3 weeks before Christmas I started to panic. I really didn't want to get him another guitar! I mean, how many guitars does one guy need? (And no, I don't believe him when he says guys and guitars are like girls and purses. You can never have enough...)

2 weeks before Christmas I stumbled upon the perfect surprise: The Richard Petty Driving Experience!

I booked the rookie experience which includes a class, a coach, a track and your husband driving a Nascar as fast as possible.
I had found the gift that husband wanted but he didn't know yet he wanted! I was brilliant! Thank you Mr. Petty!!!

On January 2nd we made our way up to Orlando, Disney World Speedway. Husband was very excited and I was prepared with magazines, sushi and chocolate. I figured I could occupy myself on a picnic bench somewhere while he did whatever racecar drivers do.

I never got to reading my magazines that afternoon. To my utter surprise it was a very fun time, even for me! The employees at the track were incredibly patient and enthusiastic and managed to integrate the family members as well. In Orlando the visitors can stand directly next to the track and it is kind of amazing watching those cars fly past you, engines roaring. I did try to take pictures of husband in action but no such luck...he was really flying.
When he got out of the car (through the window) he looked at me and said: "That was the best Christmas gift I have ever gotten!"

11 more months to come up with another one...

Monday, January 18, 2010


"6 Mile Cypress" in Fort Myers, picnic in "Ding Darling" on Sanibel Island and Naples.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Key West, III

Of course, the obligatory picture of the southernmost point in the USA.

Jordan, one of the many cats on Key West. I do believe there are more cats and chicken than people on this island.

Everybody cycles to church.

Delicious vegetarian food at "Green Republic"!

Island colors...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Eaton Bikes on Key West

During our stay on Key West we never once used the car. We parked it in front of our little cottage and left it there till it was time to leave. Our means of transportation were bikes, "Eaton Bikes" to be exact. If ever in Key West, make sure you rent your bikes from them. They are very nice, helpful, will deliver the bikes to your hotel if needed and will even provide little girls with a pink bike. (And as every girl knows, the pink bikes are faster.)