Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Marsh Land

A few days ago, when the weather was still nice, we took a hike along some marsh land. It was was one of the most beautiful hikes we have ever taken and only at mile 9 did my legs start to hurt...

See the hand on the right side of the picture? Yep, it is daughter's.
And can you see the farm house in the back? That was where we bought fresh baked apple pie and cappuccino made with milk by those cows. That was also the moment when daughter's eyes glazed over and she wispered: "Let's buy a farm house. Let's live here." And husband answered: "Maybe we should..."

At mile 10, just when my legs really started getting heavy and I was wondering how on earth I would get out of bed the next morning, (at 4am nontheless) put on my high heels and go to work, they started singing marching songs - very loudly and very cheerfully. And I kept on marching along.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Goals

Since school is out and we haven't left for vacation yet, son and daughter decided to set themselves some "Summer goals". Goals, they would like to achieve before summer is over and school starts again.
Daughter's first goal that she actually reached last weekend is jumping from the 1 meter diving board at the public swimming pool. Now, that might not seem like much to some kids but considering she is the girl who hated to get her face wet, the girl we took to 5 - or was it 6?- swimming classes, this is a huge achievement. It took her a long time and all of her courage...

and here she goes with her brother jumping of the 3 meter board at the same time...

...and actually enjoying it!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


A while go, when Grandma was visiting us, the kids and I took her to an open air museum (in my eyes, those are the most fun ones!). Today we wanted to show husband what he had missed and took him there.
The pictures are in no particular order. Some of them show the inside of the old houses which are decorated with original items, used during the time.
Coming here, is like being set back in time...