Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Things I Learned This Weekend...

...I learned that I should probably migrate to the South next winter because sonny weather is so much better...

...I learned, that it is possible to tell your mother about animals for 3 hours straight while going for a walk, only taking a break when petting a little calf with beautiful eyes and long black eye lashes...  

...last, but not least, I learned that no matter how hard I try I will never manage to make healthy food taste as delicious as the "potato and radish soup" that a farmer's wife cooked for us and thus will have to win the lottery and hire her as our personal cook...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Daughter, petrified of spiders wouldn't go inside the caves, but husband and son did...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pointe Shoes

Finally - daughter's ballett teacher has given up. She has the strict rule of her students being 13 years old before starting on the pointe shoes. Which I think is a good rule and I agree with it.

But I guess daughter's pleeeeading eyes and her persistent "how old do you have to be???" wore her down. Last week, she handed daughter a brand new, shiny pair of ballett shoes as a gift.

Someone has been dancing on clouds all week.

Monday, March 12, 2012


Spring is here and I am especially excited about the first spring flowers popping up here and there.
February has been a very chaotic month, work wise, for me. I kept on packing and unpacking my suitcase without ever going anywhere. Bad weather and strikes at several German airports were responsible for that and while I didn't have many flight hours and barely worked, daughter loved it that I was home so much.
On the one and only overnight I was on, the loaders ran my suitcase over with the luggage cart and managed to completely damage it. I must have been quite the sight walking though the airport with it.

Even more nerve racking was husband's job in the military, but then it always is...

To top it all off, on the day he got the good news we were hoping/waiting/praying for, his car got hit while driving through an enormously long tunnel. We still don't know what made the old lady speed up and run into the back of his car. Luckily, both she and husband are fine and while her little Fiat is totaled, his car has barely a scratch, which amazed the police to no end. "Of course, it's fine," husband told them in his broken German. "It's American."