Wednesday, June 30, 2010


It is still incredibly hot, which I love and which is rare in this country. The kids only have 4 more weeks of school and they are ready for their summer vacation. They are almost done with their exams and are not taking their homework very serious anymore. Whenever I ask them to practise the guitar (son) or the flute (daughter) they look at me like they don't remember that they are playing that particular instrument.

So today, we are just taking it easy while watching a photo shoot at our neighbor's house. The white car, which seemed to be the main attraction is, according to son, the coolest Audi available.
I don't know much about cars, but there were some blonde, tall models dressed in summer dresses hopping around it. Much to son's envy one of the girls got to drive the Audi down the drive way, hair flying in the wind...

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Today was another hot, sunny day, perfect for canoeing. We went with godmother and her boyfriend and this time, we took a long tour. It was rather challenging because we had to get in and out of the canoes four times, each time pulling the canoes out of the river, pushing and pulling it up the river bank, walking past a dam and then, pushing the canoes back into the river and hopping in it as fast as possible without tipping the whole thing over.

One of the best things about canoeing is seeing the scenery from a totally different angle. You notice things that, normally, you would have just driven past.

And so we paddled and paddled and pushed and shoved the canoes and paddled some more. Without the guys, we girls wouldn't have gotten very far today...

yup, thankfully the guys were there!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Finally, summer is here! Beautiful weather, a public swimming pool with gigantic slides and chocolate ice cream. According to the kids it doesn't get better than this. Except maybe a win of the American soccer team against Ghana...then it really would be the perfect day!

Monday, June 14, 2010


The guy is 55 and he is still flashing the audience!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


The kids and I went to Bavaria without husband because he had to work. However, he was able to call and send text messages. Mostly he let us know that he was jealous because he loves mountains more than the sea and HE wanted to go hiking. The kids and I felt bad and guilty and we told him that because of the rain everything in Bavaria was under water anyway and he wasn't missing a thing...till we got to see the pictures he took while he was working in Tunisia. And then there was no more guilt... because look at this! Look at those colors! Look at the blue and white!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


The kids claim that our last day in Upper Bavaria was the best.
The sun was out, not one rain drop hit our heads and the "Blomberg" was calling us. The Blomberg is one of my favorite mountains...not too high, not too steep and with a little cabin on top to buy some drinks or ice-cream. The view on top is out of this world and on the half way mark back down, instead of walking you can take a slide.

Afterwards we drove to Bad Toelz, had a huge amount of ice-cream and even bigger amounts of cheese at the cheese festival. I am quite sure the kids took every single sample of cheese that was offered...goat cheese, fire cheese, cream cheese with wild flowers, they tried it all...

One last walk around the farmhouse, one more time petting the rabbits...

I am looking forward to coming back!