Thursday, February 14, 2013

Garmisch Or Skiing Lessons

Spending a long weekend in Bavaria, daughter and son stood on skis/on a snowboard for the very first time. While husband and I took long, long walks in the snow, enjoyed second breakfasts and delicious lunches ski instructors sent the kids down the hill over and over again.

"I won the skiing contest!", daughter tells us proudly when we pick her up, late in the afternoon. "I was the fastest and I skied almost all the way to the parking lot!"
Rather surprised husband and I decide to pick them up early on the last day and watch them for the last hour of ski/snowboard lessons.
"Do you know how to brake?", I ask daughter while walking to the car. "No," she answers. "The instructor showed us but it never works for me." 
"Is that why you are always the fastest down the hill?", I investigate.
"Of course", she answers.

A coffee break at "Pano" is an absolute necessity. A really charming place, they also offer snacks and coffee in huge mugs.

I really wanted to stay longer...