Saturday, February 11, 2012

Paris, Hamburg Or Who Knows???

I was supposed to work. According to my schedule, I was supposed to meet the rest of my crew at 4:55am at the airport for our flight to Paris. I had planned to hit "Laduree" and buy some new school clothes for daughter in Paris before heading back the next day. Then we were scheduled to fly to Hamburg and stay there for a day before flying back to our home base.

At 11:15pm before our first flight I get woken up by the ringing of my cell phone. The flight operations coordinator apologizes and tells me that our flight to Paris has been cancelled because our plane is stuck at another airport. Check-in time has been delayed until noon and we are now flying to Barcelona.
Even though I am going to miss out on my Laduree macarons I am happy that I can sleep in and go right back to bed.

When I get to the airport the next day, nicely rested and with my huge suitcase, the captain greets me with "no rush, our plane to Barcelona is delayed because of the snow" and "we will have to wait a few hours."

After several cups of coffee, the captain's phone rings again...and we are being told that another aircraft and another crew will be flying to Barcelona. The only flight we have to do is a short domestic hop of less than an hour.

Once there, we don't even have to leave the plane because we are being flown right back as passengers by yet another crew.

Now, my family doesn't expect me to be home for several days and when I walk in the door, in uniform and dragging my huge suitcase behind me, son looks at me with big eyes.
"We are having a party, "he says. "You are here just in time."

I am joining the party which involves playing games and eating junk food before unpacking my suitcase.

As for the flight operations coordinator....he promised to call tomorrow morning because he is not sure yet where he will send me next.